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Physiotherapy in BramptonFinchgate Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic, owned and run by Registered Physiotherapists, who are experienced in their fields. Getting you from injured to recovered using physiotherapy involves many aspects like professionally trained and certified physiotherapists, required equipment etc. Through the science of physiotherapy, our trained and licensed physiotherapists at Finchgate Physiotherapy in Brampton help you overcome pain and injuries that impact your ability to function to your normal level of activity and keep you from enjoying the quality of life you deserve.

Our healthcare professionals have completed years of further education to earn their degrees and, throughout their careers, are committed to updating their skills, as well as learning new ones. At Finchgate Physiotherapy, we believe very strongly in our duty of care, because it is our responsibility—both to our patients and our profession—to offer the communities we serve the very good standards in a friendly, welcoming environment that will encourage you to persevere with your treatment.

With a clear focus on patient-centric practice, our team is here to provide you with a unique course of therapeutic interventions to help you recover from your injury, get you back to normal life as soon as possible and prevent re-injury. You can be confident that our physiotherapists will guide you to a treatment plan that will lead to your lasting recovery and bring motion back to life.

In the same vein, we stress education and prescribe exercises as a means of helping you stay strong and prevent injuries from recurring.

The process that will guide your road to recovery will include a detailed and informed examination and assessment, a professional diagnosis, a customized treatment plan that will cater to every individual according to their needs and a home exercise program for faster healing and strengthening of your body.

Physiotherapy consists of many components of care to promote recovery: manual therapy, exercise, education and a home program, along with modalities such as laser, ,Shock wave Therapy, Decompression therapy, ultrasound and electronic interventions. Using comprehensive, evidence-based treatment practices, we implement personalized treatment programs that are specific to individual patient needs, and designed to restore and maintain physical function.

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