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Telehealth, a relatively young field, emerged in the wake of the 2020 outbreak. Besides other medical specialties, physiotherapy has benefited greatly from Telehealth. Indeed, Telehealth is an excellent option. Demand for remote physical therapy services is on the rise today. Numerous studies have been conducted to ascertain the efficacy of Telehealth, and the results show that Telehealth physiotherapy can be just as beneficial as in-person physiotherapy.

Get in touch with our professional team and schedule an online physiotherapy consultation today to receive effective treatment for a variety of problems from the convenience of your home.

When it comes to patient care, we at Finch Gate Physio believe in taking a holistic approach. It means that we consider every possible cause. It is our goal to restore body and mental function by addressing the underlying cause of your condition during every physiotherapy appointment, whether you come to our clinic in person or schedule a session via Telehealth.

What exactly is Telehealth physiotherapy at finch gate?

You may get physiotherapy treatment without leaving your house thanks to our Telehealth services. Regardless of where you are in Canada, you can connect with a specialized group of physiotherapists, podiatrists, physiologists, chiropractors, etc., and receive an excellent care. You can still get help from us even if you do not have a gadget by calling us up.

Our services are available for a variety of problems, from joint discomfort to orthotics and massage therapy. If we believe that an online consultation is not sufficient to treat your condition, we will request that you come in for in-person sessions. With our top-notch Telehealth physiotherapy service, we can treat or manage anything.

Three simple steps

  • To schedule an appointment with one of our registered physical therapists, please click on the link and advance
  • A login link (through text message) has been sent to your email or registered mobile phone number. Please access it at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time
  • You will have a video consultation with your physiotherapist, during which they will ask you about your health history, run any tests they think might be relevant, and start your therapy right away.

Our 15-minute free consultation

Find out if you can get back to normal naturally during your free 15-minute Telehealth consultation at Finch Gate. Patients with a wide variety of ailments now have access to high-quality physiotherapy services. You may avail our service if you –

  • Are unable to travel because of physical limitations
  • Are concerned about making it to an in-person consultation
  • Have trouble dating an appointment because of work & family obligations
  • Prefer not to leave your home
  • Had to cancel the face-to-face consultation due an unforeseen event
  • Want to get a specialized treatment plan

What to expect from our first Telehealth session

One of our physiotherapists will contact you via your preferred form of communication shortly after you make an online appointment with us. To obtain treatment at Finch Gate, you must first complete a screening questionnaire outlining the specific problems you are experiencing. Our expert will examine the results of your screening and decide if Telehealth is the best option for you.

At Finch Gate, you can expect a dedicated online physiotherapist at your service, the most recent physiotherapy practices, exercise and treatment options, professional education and practical advice via phone & video call, individualized at-home treatment plans, plenty of time for review, follow-ups from previous sessions to see how you're progressing, etc.

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