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A workplace injury is an injury that occurs while an individual is performing their job duties in the workplace. It can include physical injuries, such as cuts or broken bones, or it can include psychological injuries, such as stress or depression, caused by work-related factors. On the other hand, physical injuries may lead to mental breakdown.

In the event of an unfortunate event, you can trust Finch Gate Physiotherapy, one of the leading physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service at all times. To ensure a healthy & successful recovery, we will coordinate with your primary care physician or surgeon.

Work place injury: reasons

According to our expert physiotherapists at Finch Gate Physiotherapy, workplace injuries can be caused by various factors, including –

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Repetitive motions or overexertion
  • Exposure to hazardous materials or chemicals
  • Improper use of equipment or machinery
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Vehicle accidents while on the job
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Fire or explosion
  • Natural disasters or severe weather events
  • Stress or burnout from work-related stressors

Physiotherapy is crucial for work place injury

Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in the recovery and rehabilitation process after a workplace injury. Our physiotherapist at Finch Gate Physiotherapy can reduce pain and swelling. Techniques such as manual therapy, massage, and heat or cold therapy can help reduce pain and swelling associated with an injury.

Our physiotherapy treatment also promotes healing by stimulating blood flow to the injured area. Physiotherapy exercises directed by our registered physiotherapy and massage therapists can help improve range of motion, flexibility, & overall mobility, allowing the individual to return to their normal daily activities and work duties.

Physiotherapy exercises can help strengthen the injured area by reducing the risk of further injury and improving overall physical functions. Physiotherapy can also help prevent re-injury by addressing any underlying factors that may have contributed to the original injury, such as poor posture.

Our tried-and-tested physiotherapy regimen

  • Our physical therapist will evaluate the individual's medical history, symptoms, and physical function. They may also perform various tests and assessments to determine the root cause(s).
  • Based on the assessment, the physical therapist will develop a treatment plan that may include various techniques and exercises aimed at reducing pain, improving mobility, and promoting healing.
  • The physical therapist may perform manual therapy techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and stretching to help reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • The therapist may prescribe specific exercises aimed at improving strength, flexibility, and overall physical function.
  • The physical therapist may use modalities such as heat or cold therapy, electrical stimulation, or ultrasound to reduce pain and swelling and promote healing.
  • The physical therapist may also provide the individual with a home exercise program to continue their progress outside of therapy sessions.

The length and frequency of physical therapy sessions at Finch Gate Physiotherapy may vary depending on the individual's needs and goals, but most sessions last between 40 minutes to an hour. Our physical therapist will regularly evaluate the individual's progress and make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.

If needed, we can recommend additional therapies, such as massage, shockwave, TENS, etc. Overall, physiotherapy can play a crucial role in helping individuals recover from a workplace injury, reducing the risk of future injury, and improving overall physical function and health.


Joint discomfort can ruin your daily schedule. To get relief, you can rely on our custom knee braces. The correct rehabilitation of a joint emphasizes the use of our specialized bracing. At Finch Gate, we understand the fundamental roles of the knee and offer tailored treatments. Our priority is making sure you have access to the highest quality braces possible so that you can recover from your injury. To make most out of it, we may recommend you home exercises. We test the braces to ensure they are as flexible as the user needs. We have specialists standing by 24/7 to answer any inquiries you may have about personalized knee braces.

Who needs our custom knee braces?

Our custom knee braces are typically used by individuals who have suffered an injury or have a medical condition that affects the knee, such as osteoarthritis, ligament instability, or knee replacement. They may also be recommended for individuals who are involved in high-impact sports or physical activities that put stress on the knee joint. The use of a custom knee brace can help to reduce pain, provide stability, and improve knee function. Investing in our high-quality custom knee braces can save you money by preventing a wide range of issues.

  • Enhances muscle strength and endurance
  • Proper load distribution
  • Soothes lower limbs fatigue
  • Ideal for relieving knee and hip pain
  • Works as a great support
  • Prevents from further damage
  • Increases your stamina and protects your knees
  • Alleviates pressure on the legs and spine

Benefits of using our custom made knee braces

The benefits of using our knee braces include –

  • A custom knee brace can help to reduce pain caused by knee injuries or medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis
  • Knee braces can provide support to the knee joint, helping to prevent further injury and instability
  • A knee brace can help to improve knee function and range of motion, allowing individuals to engage in physical activities more easily
  • Our custom knee braces can provide added protection for individuals participating in high-impact sports or physical activities, reducing the risk of knee injury

By reducing stress on the knee joint, a knee brace can help to facilitate healing following a knee injury

Why OTC knee braces are not a good option

  • OTC knee braces are designed to fit a wide range of individuals, but they may not provide the best fit.
  • Without proper fit, OTC knee braces may not provide optimal support and may not be effective.
  • OTC knee braces may not be as durable and comfortable as custom-made knee braces

For these reasons, it's recommended that individuals who require knee support consult with us. It's important to note that not all knee braces are the same, and the type and level of support offered will depend on the specific knee condition and individual needs. At Finch Gate Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on providing each patient with individualized care.

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