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Motor Vehicle Accident

Car Accident Brampton

Life is uncertain. Accident due to a car crash is not so uncommon. Simply how horrible it will be is the only open question.

Dealing with injuries sustained in a car crash can be extremely trying and upsetting. Your body needs time to heal, and if you can't fix it properly, you might not be able to do your daily encounters. These injuries are typically more serious than acute injuries. Above all, they require longer recovering because of the unexpected nature of the impact.

MVA physiotherapy is the finest way to get back on your feet. At Finch Gate Physiotherapy, we have the best MVA physiotherapy rehabilitation program that you can trust.

We deal with most insurance companies

Your health insurance provider may provide you with a list of preferred medical facilities. However, you are under no obligation to see the recommended physical therapist by your insurance provider. You are free to pick your own school.

Our physiotherapists are seasoned pros in helping those who have been in automobile accidents. You are our top priority, so we'll do everything it takes to make sure you get the care you need to get well as quickly as possible. We are able to work with the majority of insurance providers. Patient needs & customer goals are prioritized at all times. You should trust our excellent care.

What we suggest you should do

The right thing is to be calm. Gather the evidences, talk to the eye-witnesses, take photos of the site, call your insurance company, and cooperate with the police. Soon after the accident, visit your nearest emergency clinic. You should insist on a prescription that mentions physiotherapy.

After an MVA, the fastest way to heal from any injuries is to start physical therapy. We're here to assist you in navigating the sometimes confusing process of communicating with your auto insurance company, which should help alleviate some of the pressure you're under.

Come see us if your pain or other symptoms have persisted for more than a few days. We will assess the situation to see if we can recommend any additional treatment. Car accident injuries, if addressed, can cause spinal degeneration and other issues down the road.

Conditions we are able to treat

If you've been in a MVA, don't worry—the professionals at Finch Gate Physiotherapy can help you get back on your feet in no time.


Whiplash injury and neck & shoulder

An ordinary whiplash injury involves a sudden backward & forward motion of the head. The muscles and joints of the neck are all vulnerable to harm. When compared to other type of injury, the recovery time is often substantially longer. To get you back to normal, our physiotherapists will work to alleviate your pain & improve your neck's range of motion and strength.


Having a headache is a common indication of both concussions, and neck and back injuries. We use a range of hands-on treatment methods and provide you with top-notch, targeted exercises and posture recommendations. Concussion symptoms can include difficulty focusing, nausea, poor balance, and so on...

TMJ syndrome

Affected individuals (side impacts) may have pain in the area of the jaw in front of one or both ears, have trouble opening & closing their mouths, and have trouble chewing as a result. To restore normal jaw movement, our physiotherapists use a variety of manual therapies and therapeutic exercises.

Chronic backache

The lower back area is vulnerable to injury in an accident because it is stretched beyond its limit (hyper flexion). As part of your rehabilitation, our physiotherapists will assist alleviate your discomfort and work to improve your range of motion and strength.


Fractures happen when there is more force involved in an accident than with a sprain, which is what happens in automobile crashes. Our physiotherapists will build a safe and effective rehabilitation program for you, taking into account the fracture healing recommendations and specific therapy protocols established by your doctor.

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