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We humans are very different from each other and very less among ourselves are similar among. There arise various times when our foot structure results in bodily issues. Custom Made Orthotics can bring great relief in terms of supporting and correcting abnormalities of the foot. The way we distribute stress in our foot leads to a solution to various problems. 

The very step we take, the arches and curves in our foot have a considerable strain in our muscles. These strains might result in chronic pain if not cured properly. Since foot being the most crucial component connecting to the body and it helps load balancing right away from ankles to knees followed by hips and our backs.

The Custom Made Orthotics by our experts at Finchgate Physiotherapy helps to rebalance the foot, which helps in rebalancing your feet. The sole objective is to enhance your natural body movement to decrease the pain. Our experts are well acquainted with the fact that improper foot mechanics can lead to stress in the body. 

We at Finchgate Physiotherapy offer our patients a completely holistic approach right from foot assessment to dispensing Custom Made Orthotics for every foot. The experts at our team are well acquainted with the biomechanics of the foot. A dedicated team at Finchgate Physiotherapy ensures our patients receive the best Custom Made Orthotics for them. 

The objective is to align the foot to reduce strain and stress. In general Custom Made Orthotics are very much like the shoe, insoles are completely invisible. The perfect Custom Made Orthotics is the one that is made based on mechanical evaluation and molding your feet imprint. The Custom Made Orthotics are made to easily adapt in our day-today lifestyle. 

Benefits of Custom Made Orthotics

  1. Proper alignment of joints, foot bones, knees and ankles
  2. Correcting issues like foot Dysfunction
  3. Improvises strength, endurance and athletic performance
  4. Cures foot fatigue and relieves pain
  5. Very helpful in arthritis condition specifically for older adults

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