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Revolutionary healing power of shock wave therapy for persistent pain

According to a trusted source, 11.9% of Canadians suffer from chronic pain these days, and sedentary lifestyles, stress, and various health conditions contribute to this prevalent issue. With so many treatment options, shock wave therapy is one of the non-surgical and technology-based treatments which offer quick results.    Shock wave therapy is used to hasten the rehabilitation in tissues, which usually heal slowly. Our experienced experts at Finchgate Physio understand the co...
Posted on 2023-10-25

Soft Tissues Diseases: the Role Of Shock Wave

Soft tissue diseases can cause significant discomfort and affect our daily lives. These conditions, which affect the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can range from common injuries like sprains and strains to more chronic and severe conditions like tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, advances in medical technology have led to the development of effective treatments such as SWT or Shock Wave Therapy in Brampton. What ...
Posted on 2023-08-17

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