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One Way Trip to Pain Free Life with Laser Therapy

One-Way Trip to Pain-Free Life with Laser Therapy

It may seem absurd that light energy from laser technology can treat joint pain and inflammation. But according to scientific research, it is quite possible. Several studies also state that laser therapy in Brampton, ON, eliminates inflammation and pain, fixes the damaged nerves, and helps you relax the muscles. 

 Please read this article to learn what class 4 laser therapy is, how it helps to treat pain, and the most common injuries laser technology treats and its advantages. 

 What is Class 4 Laser Therapy?

Class 4 laser therapy has gained popularity for treating musculoskeletal injuries. In this treatment, the experts use a particular amount of light energy from the device to reduce inflammation and pain. Not to mention, light stimulates a specific process in our body to improve the physical situation. 

 There are generally two types of laser processes to treat pain- class 3 and class 4. Class 3 laser therapy provides a cool effect, and class 4 laser produce heat. 

 Class 4 Laser Therapy Speed up the Healing Process

Class 4 laser therapy provides heat wavelength of light to stimulate muscles, nerves, tendon tissue, and ligament of the area. The laser mainly produces adenosine triphosphate within the body cells. As a result, the ATP level is increased and exceeds the healing process. 

 As a result, the patient gets relief from pain and inflammation because TP carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients. This laser therapy became popular in Brampton, ON because it can treat injuries without surgery. Both acute and chronic physical conditions get benefit from this treatment. 

  Laser Therapy - Treat Common Injuries

The good news is that class 4 laser therapy can treat various physical conditions and quickly relieve pain and inflammation. Usually, this therapy treats the following conditions,

  • Ankle pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Fibromyalgia pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Disc problems 
  • Tendinitis
  • Leg pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Knee pain

 Benefits You Will Get from Laser Therapy

As mentioned above, class 4 laser therapy will reduce pain and inflammation and enhance your range of mobility. This unique therapy also promotes tissue regeneration to speed up the healing process. 

 Osteoarthritis patients get immense help from this treatment because it repairs the bone and soft tissue. Besides that, laser therapy in Brampton, ON work on nerves and enhances collagen production and enzymatic responses, promoting new blood vessels and improving cell metabolism. 

 Laser Therapy is Painful - is that True?

No, it isn’t. There is a misconception that it s excruciating, but it’s not. During the sessions, you may experience soothing warmth in the area, but no sign of pain will occur. Remember that class 4 laser therapy is designed to free you from pain, not promote body pain. 

 Are There Any Side Effects of This Treatment?

After this treatment, you may not notice any permanent or long-lasting side effects. But it is not entirely free of after-effects. Remember that almost every medication has some side effects, and those are not permanently harmful to our bodies. You may notice swelling, itching and redness in the treated area for some time. Besides that, you may also see,

  1. Scarring
  2. Infection, acne
  3. Changes in skin 
  4. Changes in skin color. 

 But these side effects are temporary, and the symptoms will be gone after a few days. 

 Better Treatment for Better Living!

Nowadays, doctors recommend that their patients take laser therapy with proper medications to promote the healing process and for better pain management. Class 4 laser therapy will be appropriate for those patients in Brampton, ON who suffer from pain and inflammation. If you still have any queries, contact our experts at Finchgate Physio. 


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