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» How a therapeutic exercise program can help you becoming healthier and stronger?
How a therapeutic exercise program can help you becoming healthier and stronger?

Say goodbye to physical discomfort with our therapeutic exercise program!


A therapeutic exercise program is an effective way to empower you to reclaim health, mobility, and vitality. This personalized program is designed to help people improve their strength, overcome physical challenges, and enhance their overall well-being.


At Finchgate Physio, our therapeutic exercise program is the first step of our commitment to patient well-being. Our experts design the program meticulously to assist our patients in recovering and improving overall health. Through tailored exercise regimens, our unique program aids patients in regaining mobility, strength, and overall vitality, ensuring a path to a healthier and more active life. 

How Our Therapeutic Exercise Will Help You?

In most cases, people lie down and rest when in pain, but this action makes your muscles tighten and weaken, slowing the healing process. At Finchgate Physio, our specialists will guide you to increase your range of motion, enhance strength and overall body function through customized therapeutic exercise. Our therapeutic exercise program includes personalized therapies to improve problematic areas, hasten recovery and achieve maximum function. 

Types of Therapeutic Exercises

The therapeutic exercise program is designed to improve health so you feel better before your previous conditions. 

Balance & Coordination Exercises

Your ability to move depends upon your overall balance of body and coordination between your legs, arms, hands and feet. That’s why balance and coordination exercises are extremely important to maintain your balance and coordination. 

Relaxation Exercises 

It’s important to work on your joints, muscles and soft tissues in the body, but it’s also necessary to help them relax. Several pain relieving techniques such as electrical stimulation, heat, and cold help them to relax the body, lower your blood pressure, and improve your sleep. 

Revive, Restore, Renew!

At Finchgate Physio, our professionals will help you to become healthier and stronger through a therapeutic exercise program! To lead your life with less pain, request an appointment today!

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