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Do you know advanced chiropractic treatment in Brampton?

The main characteristic that differentiates advanced chiropractic treatment in Brampton from other health professions is that it emphasizes the optimization of the nervous system, offering numerous benefits to all those who wish to improve their quality of life, whether they present specific symptoms.

The chiropractor observes and treats the body from a global vision to establish a relationship between local problems with a more general cause, seeking the origin that may have in the functioning of our body.

In addition, chiropractic does not use invasive methods towards the body (such as infiltrations) or medications; it only makes mechanical adjustments to our musculoskeletal system to improve the functioning of our nervous system, which is what governs the functioning of our body as a whole.

Is chiropractic a medical specialty?

No. Advanced chiropractic treatment is a separate complementary health profession from medicine. It is studied in specialized chiropractic colleges. The number of study hours required to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree is similar to that required to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree. In the chiropractic career, neither pharmacology nor surgery is studied, but the study of physiology, anatomy, radiology, and specific chiropractic manual techniques is deepened.

Are they massages?

No, absolutely not. The chiropractor performs specific hands-on manual adjustments of the vertebrae and different joints so that they normalize their functioning and do not interfere with the function of the nervous system.

The advanced chiropractic adjustments are very brief and highly effective manual applications, which require great skill that can only be achieved over several years of learning in a university environment. It has nothing to do with the manual movements performed on the skin or muscles known as massage.

Is chiropractic a dangerous therapy?

Chiropractic is a health profession recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) that deals with disorders of the Neuro-musculoskeletal system, and the effects of such disorders on general health. Scientific studies rank chiropractic care as one of the safest and most effective healthcare procedures for treating these disorders. The chiropractic professional receives a minimum of 5 years of advanced training that guarantees the quality and safety of the service they provide.

Does it leave me worse than I am?

No, advanced chiropractic treatment is not an aggressive therapy towards the individual, since, unlike drugs, it does not invade the body with any foreign chemical or biological agent. It acts on the nervous system to allow the self-maintenance and self-recovery capacity of the patient's own body to function normally. The patient may appreciate an immediate sensation of relief without going through that intermediate phase.

What is the first step to start a treatment?

Millions of patients, of all ages and a wide variety of cases with different degrees of severity, go to chiropractors every day to get a solution to their problems.

The first step is to perform a spinal checkup that will allow us to know the health of your nervous system and your spine, and how it affects the different ailments.

We will review your history and carry out a series of neurological and orthopedic examinations with which we will prepare a complete report. It is recommended that if you have X-rays and/or MRIs you bring them on the first visit. You will also receive an informative workshop with tips to take better care of yourself, improve faster and make the adjustment effect last longer.

Finally, we deliver and carefully discuss the report. The chiropractic doctor will answer all your doubts and questions so that you fully understand what you can expect from advanced chiropractic treatment and feel comfortable with the technique before continuing with the care.

If you have not yet had your spinal checkup, take the first step to recover and maintain your long-term health with a natural, non-invasive and medication-free method. Feel free to visit Finch Gate Physio and book your first consultation.

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